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There are many options available to reserve a hotel room and we want you to be confident that booking directly with the Rimrock Resort Hotel is your best option because of our  “BEST RATE GUARANTEE”

“BEST RATE GUARANTEE” The Rimrock’s online rates are the same as the rates available by phone.  If you find a lower rate through a major online reservations booking engine and make us aware and complete the claim form within 24 hours of booking we will match the rate and give you an extra 10% off.

                 More Reasons to book directly with The Rimrock Resort Hotel:

PAY WHEN YOU STAY and not a moment before!
SERVICE when booking directly with the Rimrock we can assure that your specific needs and requests are met. When booking with the Rimrock you will be talking directly with an in-house trained Rimrock associate who will work with you to provide the best package, best rate or ensure you will receive the correct information to fulfill your needs.
MAKE CHANGES WITH EASE it’s easy to make changes with a Rimrock employee onsite at the hotel, they have the knowledge about the hotel and the area and will always be able to answer your questions.
NO HIDDEN FEES many online travel sites charge extra fees for online bookings.We do not!
EXCLUSIVE OFFERS and SAVINGS are available to our guests who book direct.  Savings are offered through our monthly newsletter.
BEST HOTEL INFORMATION get the most robust information about our hotel right on our site. Everything from guest room information to meeting details, not to mention up-to-date and accurate hotel photos.

Terms and Conditions

Rimrock Resort Hotel

If you have any questions about the Best Rate Guarantee with The Rimrock, please contact us by phone at 1-888-RIMROCK (746-7625) or (403)762-3356

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